You know education, and you know publishing. Moreso, you know the importance of getting it right when you merge the two together. Budgets are tight; deadlines are even tighter. Sure, there are plenty of writers. But, you need to have it done right the first time.

You want a writer who already understands educational publishing. Someone who understands what correlations mean without explanation. Someone who can easily write for a variety of grade levels… on grade level. Curriculum, standards, benchmarks… they’re all imperative. So stick with someone who’s done it before. We truly understand what goes into it.

We understand the stringent standards set forth by the states. We know the pressure the standardized tests put on publishers.

Poems for fifth graders. Nonfiction passages for third graders. Online reading comprehension passages/questions. High school social studies test prep questions. Math lessons geared toward sixth graders, but based on second-grade standards. Test prep based on National Standards. California. Texas. New York. One book geared toward all four! GED, GRE, PSAT, SAT, LSAT, MAT-8, CBE, and so many other acronyms. We can do it all.

We love educational publishing. Really. And we love the challenge of teaching them in whatever format your project calls for. Check out some samples.


Sometimes it’s hard to get the words out. It’s even harder to get them out in a way that other people understand your point.

Whether you need a brochure to promote your latest project, a website to promote yourself, an e-mail to tell the world of your new product, or anything in-between, we can help you find the right words.

From a few hundred words to a few hundred pages, let us help you get your ideas out there. Leave the wordsmithing to us.