Due ewe knead moor then won pear off ayes two sea yore righting?

While spell check is a useful tool, let’s face it, it’s just that—a check. It’s not a living, breathing human being. Spell check sees nothing wrong with the sentence above. Every word is spelled correctly, so spell check has done its job. But there isn’t a word used properly in that sentence.

Good editing requires real-life experience and a good ear—neither of which a computer can offer you. To make your writing the best it can be, you need someone who knows the difference between affect and effect, principal/principle, comprise/compose, compliment/complement, and a host of other oft-confused pairs. Did you know the convention is now only one space between sentences instead of two, as many of us were taught growing up? Can you make all your subjects agree with your verbs?

That’s where we come in.


If you just want a fresh set of expert eyes to look over your document(s) one last time before sending them off to be printed, we can help. Or maybe you need to make sure nothing got lost in the translation from document to layout. We can proofread Word documents, PDFs, hard copies, images, and probably whatever other format you might need.

Let’s face it, errors in your documents detract from your message. They make you look unprofessional and sloppy. No one is perfect. Everyone needs a proofreader.