Christy Yaros

Though Christy’s first dream in life at the age of three (or so she is told) was to be the Six Million Dollar Man’s wife, she decided when she was about 10 years old that being a writer was a far nobler dream. (Thank you, Mr. Cordero!) She may have been at some points temporarily sidetracked by false dreams of being a lawyer, Supreme Court justice, or queen of the world, but a writer is truly what she was born to be.

Writing is her passion. Editing and proofreading, on the other hand, are more of an obsession. Everything she reads, she proofreads. She checks grammar, spelling, spacing, kerning… you name it (even on things like menus). It’s not even conscious anymore. She used to have a joke with coworkers that work was like psychiatric daycare to work out the neuroses.

So many of Christy’s relatives and friends are teachers—it seems education is in her blood. She’s done the teacher thing, but now she loves writing and editing educational content for both teachers and students.

Christy also writes fiction for children and hopes to be published in that field sometime soon. When she’s not writing, you will probably catch her reading the latest middle grade or YA novel.

One of her goals is to convince as many adults as possible that it is perfectly acceptable (and encouraged) to read and fully enjoy children’s literature. Teachers, librarians, and children’s literature professionals have known this secret for years, but now it’s time for everyone to know! Another goal is to spread the word about using only one space between sentences instead of two (yes, she knows it goes against everything you have been taught, but trust her, this is the way to go). Find and replace is your friend.

Christy holds an MFA in Writing for Children from Simmons College at The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Art in Amherst, as well as a B.A. in Cultural Studies with a concentration in Creative Writing from Empire State College. She has also earned a Certificate in Copyediting from UCSD.

Christy, though a true New Yorker at heart, has made her base of operations in the beautiful Farmington Valley of central Connecticut.